Where is the spare tire on a Kia Soul? Shocking location unveiled!

Where is the spare tire on a Kia Soul?

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Finding yourself in a difficult situation with a deflated or punctured tire while driving peacefully is not impossible.

You have several options available to you in such situations, including the choice of changing your wheel.

Therefore, knowing the location of your spare tire becomes crucial.

This article will provide you with information on locating your spare tire in your Kia Soul, along with detailing the various repair options available.


Where is the spare tire on a Kia Soul?


The location of the spare tire in your Kia Soul can vary based on the year of manufacture.

Most commonly, you will find it beneath the trunk, accessible from within the boot, or alternatively reachable from the outside by removing the clips in the Kia Soul’s trunk.

In some instances, it might be situated under the hood, although this is relatively rare.

It’s also possible that your Kia Soul might not be equipped with a traditional spare tire.

What to do if your Kia Soul does not have a spare tire?


Use the towing wheel of your Kia Soul.


This compact wheel is less cumbersome compared to a standard wheel.

As a result, it offers the advantage of occupying less space within your Kia Soul, though this comes at the cost of reduced durability.

It’s important to note that this spare wheel is designed for emergency use only.

We recommend driving short distances and not exceeding speeds of 80 km/h, as it isn’t built to withstand high velocities.

It’s advisable to promptly head to the nearest garage.

Additionally, exercise caution when navigating turns, as your Kia Soul may experience a slight imbalance due to the spare wheel’s thinner profile compared to the other wheels.

Regularly monitor the pressure of your space-saver to prevent keeping an unusable spare tire within your Kia Soul.


The complete wheel


This wheel is identical to the one already installed on your Kia Soul.

Consequently, you can install it and resume normal driving.

However, exercise caution and ensure that it is truly identical (compatible) with the wheels already on your Kia Soul if you intend to drive using it.


The Tire Repair Kit


As the name suggests, this device allows you to seal a minor puncture using a coagulating liquid and temporarily reinflate the tire using a small compressor connected to the cigarette lighter.

This enables you to reach the nearest garage with your Kia Soul.

However, please exercise caution as driving with this device is not an indefinite solution.

We recommend not exceeding 80 km/h and covering a distance of approximately 200 km to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Of course, if you notice a tire wound on your Kia Soul that is too severe, it’s important not to take unnecessary chances, as the kit might not be able to repair all types of damage.

If the puncture exceeds 5 millimeters, repairing it becomes complicated due to the high air pressure.


Where is the tire repair kit on a Kia Soul?


You can find the Tire Repair Kit in the trunk beneath the floorboard cover. For detailed instructions on locating the Tire Repair Kit, refer to your Owner’s Manual.


What is a Tire Repair Kit?


A tire repair kit comprises essential tools and equipment essential for a temporary fix of your flat tire.

This allows you to drive safely to your nearest Kia dealership for a full repair or to get a new tire.

These kits are designed to reduce your vehicle’s weight and increase trunk space, while also offering a secure solution if you encounter a flat tire.

Much like various other automakers, Kia discontinued the provision of spare tires in 2008 and introduced the Kia Tire Repair Kit.

Inside your Kia Tire Mobility Kit, you’ll discover:

  • Tire gauge
  • Necessary cables and hoses
  • Tire sealant
  • Filling hose
  • Compressor


While this kit equips you with the components required for a prompt tire patch, it’s important to note that it’s not intended as a permanent solution.

Professional repair through scheduled service remains necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Kia vehicles no longer come with spare tires?


The auto industry is increasingly adopting the use of tire repair kits instead of spare tires.

This shift is driven by the substantial reduction in vehicle weight, leading to improved fuel economy ratings.

This not only saves money on fuel but also contributes to reduced emissions, benefiting the environment.

Additionally, it creates more rear cargo space, allowing for increased transportation capacity.

Kia holds the view that these advantages outweigh the disadvantages of eliminating the spare tire.

How to use the Kia Soul Tire Repair Kit?

If you encounter a flat tire, tire leak, or tire damage, follow these steps:

  1. First, refer to your owner’s manual for guidance.
  2. Secondly, find your tire repair kit positioned in the trunk beneath the floorboard.
  3. Thirdly, connect the inflator hose to the tire valve stem.
  4. Then, activate the unit to inject sealant into the tire.
  5. Utilize the compressor to inflate the tire.
  6. Once your Kia is drivable, proceed to the nearest garage for necessary service.




Understanding your Kia Soul’s spare tire options is essential for handling unexpected tire issues.

Whether utilizing the towing wheel, complete wheel, or Tire Repair Kit, you have solutions to address different scenarios.

As the automotive industry moves away from traditional spare tires, Kia prioritizes benefits like improved fuel economy and increased cargo space.

To use the Tire Repair Kit, refer to your owner’s manual and follow the provided steps for a safe and temporary fix.

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