What Oil Does A Kia Sorento Take? The Ultimate Guide!

What oil does a Kia Sorento take?

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What Oil Does A Kia Sorento Take?


If you’ve ever shopped for motor oil, you’ve likely encountered a variety of brands and weights to choose from.

If you’re driving a Kia Sorento and wondering about the best oil for your vehicle, we can provide the answers.

We conducted in-depth research on the Sorento to ensure that you know the expert-recommended type.

Experts recommend the use of synthetic motor oil for your Kia Sorento.

The choice of oil depends on the type of engine beneath the hood, with options being SAE 0W-20 or SAE 0W-30.

Now that we’ve determined the optimal oil type for the Kia Sorento, let’s delve into the expert-recommended oil and address questions about oil change frequency and the consequences of driving with overdue oil.


How Often Should You Change The Oil In A Kia Sorento?


Regular oil changes play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your Sorento’s engine.

Neglecting to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals can cause significant damage to the various components inside the engine, resulting in expensive repairs or premature engine failure.

The frequency of oil changes depends on your Sorento’s age and the type of oil you use.

If you follow the recommendation of using synthetic motor oil, it should be replaced every 7,500 miles.

However, if you’re still using conventional motor oil, you’ll discover that it necessitates more frequent changes.

For this type of oil, you should perform an oil change every 3,000 miles.



What Happens If You Drive Too Long Without Changing Your Motor Oil?


We’ve emphasized the importance of not only using the appropriate motor oil for your vehicle but also maintaining a regular schedule for oil changes.

Motor oil serves as the lifeblood of any internal combustion engine.

Its primary functions include lubricating moving components to prevent friction and wear.

Additionally, the oil doubles as a coolant, effectively managing the engine’s temperature.

Failure to perform regular oil changes will result in severe damage to your engine.

Over time and with usage, the oil’s viscosity increases, causing it to thicken and lose effectiveness.

The accumulation of sludge in the oil will impede its ability to protect the engine’s moving parts as intended.

In addition to harming the engine, you’ll also experience a significant drop in fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, due to the engine’s suboptimal performance, a decrease in power will be noticeable.

Remember, never skip an oil change!

Only use the brand and weight of oil recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the engine’s longevity and performance.


Why The Weight Of The Oil You Choose Is Also Important


Earlier in this post, we mentioned that the Sorento will use either SAE 0W-20 or SAE 0W-30.

Which one you should use will depend on which engine your Sorento has.

If your Sorento has a Smartstream G2.5 GDi engine, you will need to use SAE oW-20 oil.

But if you drive one with a Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi, then you would need to use SAE 0W-30.

Different engines will require oil of different viscosities to properly lubricate and cool the moving parts.

Be sure that you are selecting the correct weight whenever you get this critical piece of routine maintenance performed.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does Kia Sorento Need Synthetic Oil?


Starting from April 2021, Kia mandates the use of full-synthetic oil for all vehicles manufactured to maintain coverage under the factory warranty.

This requirement extends to all vehicles still under factory warranty after June 2022.

Using full-synthetic oil is essential to ensure warranty coverage.



How Long Can A Kia Sorento Go Without An Oil Change?


Under regular driving conditions, most new Kia vehicles can cover a distance of 7,500 to 10,000 miles before requiring an oil change.




When it comes to motor oil, the Kia Sorento is best served by synthetic motor oil, with the specific type varying depending on the engine.

For Smartstream G2.5 GDi engines, opt for SAE 0W-20, while Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi engines should use SAE 0W-30.

Regular oil changes are crucial for your Sorento’s engine health.

If you’re using synthetic oil, replace it every 7,500 miles.

For conventional oil, stick to a 3,000-mile oil change interval.

Neglecting oil changes can lead to serious engine damage, reduced fuel efficiency, and decreased power.

Moreover, Kia now mandates full synthetic oil for vehicles produced after April 2021 to maintain factory warranty coverage.

Selecting the appropriate oil weight is equally important, and the choice depends on your Sorento’s engine type.

For Smartstream G2.5 GDi engines, go with SAE 0W-20, while Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi engines require SAE 0W-30 oil.

Don’t skip oil changes, and always use the recommended oil type to ensure the longevity and performance of your engine.

Please feel free to browse our FAQ section for additional information, such as Kia’s synthetic oil requirement for factory warranty coverage and the recommended oil change intervals for Kia Sorento under normal driving conditions.

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