What is active eco in Kia Soul? Unlocking Fuel Efficiency Secrets!

What is active eco in Kia Soul?

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What is active eco in Kia Soul? Image source: Kia site


Many modern cars incorporate an eco-mode setting that enhances the vehicle’s fuel economy.

When activated, this mode causes the engine to decrease its power output, reducing its workload and making the gas pedals less responsive.

This reduction in power results in slower acceleration for the car.

The advantages of eco mode encompass reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Eco mode performs optimally when driving at a leisurely pace.


What Is Active Eco In Kia Soul?


The purpose of eco mode, also known as “economical mode,” is to enhance your car’s fuel economy while driving.

You can activate or deactivate eco mode with a simple button located near the steering wheel.

Many contemporary models of fuel-powered and hybrid vehicles include the eco mode feature, although it’s not present in electric cars since they don’t rely on gasoline.

It’s important to distinguish between eco mode and EV mode, which is available in certain hybrid cars.

Eco mode still utilizes fuel, whereas EV mode exclusively relies on the electric car battery and doesn’t draw any power from the gas tank.


How Does Active Eco Mode Work In Kia Soul?


When you activate the eco mode button, the car’s throttle becomes less responsive.

This reduced responsiveness means that the engine operates with less effort, resulting in slower acceleration compared to normal driving conditions.

Eco mode doesn’t necessarily make the car slower overall, but it does affect the rate of acceleration.

To maximize the benefits of the eco mode setting, it is advisable to drive at a relaxed pace.

Aggressive use of the gas and brake pedals may negate the positive effects of eco mode.

Furthermore, aside from affecting acceleration, eco mode may also reduce the air conditioning output and dim the interior lights.


When Should I Use Eco Mode In Kia Soul?


The optimal occasion to employ eco mode is during slower-paced driving, typically under 45 miles per hour.

It proves most beneficial in everyday situations where you’re likely to adopt a leisurely driving style, such as when running errands around town, navigating stop-and-go traffic, or cruising through city streets with generally lower speed limits.

This mode offers an excellent means of conserving fuel in these scenarios.


When Should I Turn Off Eco Mode In Kia Soul?


Eco mode diminishes a car’s responsiveness, so it’s advisable to deactivate it in situations that may require rapid acceleration.

For instance, automotive experts advise against using eco mode when you’re on a highway, merging into traffic, navigating challenging road conditions, or encountering adverse weather conditions.

Another characteristic of eco mode is that it reduces the frequency of gear shifts in the car.

Consequently, it’s best to refrain from using eco mode in scenarios where frequent gear changes are necessary, such as ascending steep inclines or attempting rapid acceleration.

Furthermore, on scorching days, many drivers opt to disable eco mode because it hampers the efficiency of the air conditioning system.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Eco Mode In Kia Soul?


Enhanced fuel economy:

Properly utilizing eco mode may not yield a dramatic change, but your car will consume less gasoline and achieve a higher mileage per gallon.

Reduced emissions:

The decrease in fuel consumption also results in fewer harmful chemicals being emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Reduced strain on the engine and battery:

Activating eco mode alleviates the workload on the engine, reducing the strain on the car’s battery.

Money savings:

With improved fuel efficiency, you’ll find yourself making fewer trips to the gas station, ultimately saving you money.



Frequently Asked Questions


How much petrol does eco mode save?


In summary, it’s important to recognize that eco mode is not a quick-fix solution for fuel savings.

Its real benefit lies in promoting economical driving habits that can have a meaningful impact.

Previous tests have demonstrated that driving in a smooth, consistent manner can lead to a 2 to 3-mile-per-gallon improvement in urban settings, as opposed to erratic driving behaviours.


How do I know if my car has eco mode?


In vehicles equipped with multiple driving modes, you’ll typically find a selector dial that includes Eco Mode.

When you engage Eco Mode, you’ll primarily notice two key differences: a shift in throttle response and shift points.

Acceleration becomes more gradual, upshifts occur earlier, and downshifts happen later in the driving process.




Eco Mode in the Kia Soul and many other modern cars is a feature designed to enhance fuel economy by adjusting throttle response and shift points.

While it may not provide drastic fuel savings, it promotes economical driving behaviour, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and less strain on the engine and battery.

The key to benefiting from Eco Mode is to use it in situations where gentle acceleration and slower driving are suitable.

However, it should be deactivated when quick acceleration or frequent gear shifts are needed.

Overall, Eco Mode offers a practical way to save money and reduce environmental impact while driving.

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