Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off

An image of the auto hold feature - Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off
Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off | Photo credits: Facebook

If you own a Kia Sorento, you’ve likely appreciated its features while driving, with the automatic transmission simplifying vehicle operation.

However, encountering an issue where your car’s auto-hold feature won’t deactivate can be frustrating.

After conducting thorough research, we have the answer for you.

If your Kia Sorento’s auto-hold feature remains active, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take.

Firstly, we recommend pressing the button on your centre console.

Another solution is to deactivate your vehicle’s electric parking brake.

Read this post to gain insights and tips for understanding more about the features of your Sorento.


Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off


If you’re facing difficulty turning off the auto-hold feature in your Sorento, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

First, attempt to deactivate the electric parking brake.

Always keep an eye on the auto-hold indicator lights.

If the light turns yellow, it indicates a malfunction in the feature.

As a last resort, consider taking your car to a mechanic to inspect if any parts require replacement.



What Is The Auto Hold Feature On A Kia Sorento?


The auto-hold feature on a Kia Sorento enhances driving safety, having transitioned from an optional feature in the 2019 Sorento lineup to a standard inclusion.

This feature is also available in select Kia vehicles, alongside an electric parking brake.

When activated, auto-hold prevents the car from moving even without applying the brake, allowing the driver to take their foot off the brake pedal.

To resume movement, gently press the accelerator.

Reviews indicate that auto-hold can keep the vehicle stationary for approximately ten minutes.

Moreover, this feature proves invaluable in preventing the car from rolling, particularly on inclined roads, providing reassurance to drivers when stationary.


How To Turn On Auto Hold


The ‘Auto Hold’ button is conveniently located on the centre console, positioned to the left of the electronic parking brake.

Upon pressing the button, the auto-hold indicator on the screen panel illuminates in white.

When the vehicle is in drive mode and comes to a stop, the indicator changes to green.

In green mode, you can safely remove your foot from the brake pedal.

Car enthusiasts advise maintaining a significant distance from nearby vehicles.

This precaution ensures that when you release the auto hold, there is no risk of collision between vehicles.



How To Turn Off Auto Hold


To deactivate this feature, simply press the auto-hold button.

You’ll observe the light on the screen panel turning off.

This method applies when the vehicle is in drive mode.

Alternatively, if the car is stationary, you can disable auto-hold by applying the brake and pressing the auto-hold button located on the console.


How To Fix The Auto Hold Feature


Now that you comprehend how to deactivate the auto-hold feature, you might be wondering why you’re unable to activate it. Here are the potential reasons:

  1. The driver’s seatbelt is not fastened.
  2. The driver’s door is open.
  3. The engine hood is open.
  4. The trunk of your car is open.
  5. The vehicle is in park mode.
  6. Your car has remained stationary for ten minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Difference Between Auto Hold And Hill Park Assist?

On inclined roads, the hill park assist ensures that the car doesn’t roll backward when transitioning from brake to drive, particularly useful in manual transmission vehicles.

Conversely, auto-hold keeps the car stationary for several minutes, a feature commonly found in vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.


How Long Does A Kia Sorento Last?

An image of a Kia Sorento - Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off
Kia Sorento Auto Hold Won’t Turn Off | Photo credits: Kia


Based on reviews, the Sorento can endure up to 200,000 miles or beyond, typically providing about 13 years of reliable performance.

By adhering to the maintenance schedule and promptly addressing repairs, you can extend the lifespan of your Sorento even further.

In certain instances, rust may develop around the tailgate area of the Sorento, typically occurring around the 3rd or 4th year of ownership.

Check your warranty to determine if the dealer covers rust-related repairs in such cases.




In conclusion, if you’re experiencing difficulty turning off the auto-hold feature in your Kia Sorento, troubleshooting steps are available.

Try deactivating the electric parking brake and monitor the indicator lights.

If all else fails, consulting a mechanic may be necessary for further inspection or potential replacement of parts.

Understanding and addressing this issue ensures smoother driving experiences with your Sorento.

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