Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work: Discover Easy Fixes Now!

Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work

An image of a Kia E Niro infotainment - Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work
Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work | Photo Credits: Cars With Steve


The democratization of new technologies has led to the widespread use of smartphones, constant internet connectivity, and internet usage, paving the way for the integration of similar features into cars.

Touch screens have replaced DVD car radios, exemplified by the Kia E Niro’s inclusion of this technology.

Despite the convenience they offer, technological advancements also bring about concerns.

Today, we aim to assist you in troubleshooting a non-functional touch screen issue on the Kia E Niro.

Firstly, we will explore the benefits of having a touch screen in your vehicle, followed by the various touch screen issues specific to the Kia E Niro, and ultimately, how to address them.


Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work


The touch screen on my Kia E Niro no longer powers up:


This is typically attributed to a power supply issue, which is one of the common scenarios with screens in motor vehicles.

Proceed to the next section for the solution to this problem.


The touch screen of my vehicle is unresponsive:


If your screen becomes frozen on a page and fails to respond, it is likely due to a bug in the operating system of the screen.


The touch screen of my Kia E Niro intermittently powers on and off:


This situation indicates a probable short circuit.



How To Fix Touch Screen Kia E Niro


Here are the solutions to each of the major touch screen complications:

  1. If the touch screen doesn’t power on: Inspect the power supply aspect of the touch screen. Often, a blown fuse is the culprit. Verify the status of the fuse.
  2. If the touch screen is frozen: This likely indicates a software bug. Attempt to reset the screen by unplugging and replugging the fuses. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it may be a problem with the screen’s operating system version. Contact your dealer for assistance. If only the GPS is malfunctioning, you can update it by following the instructions in this article.
  3. If the touch screen of your Kia E Niro turns on and off randomly: This suggests a possible short circuit. Check the condition of your fuses and connectors. If no issues are found, consult a motor vehicle electrician for further diagnosis and repair.


Benefits Of A Touch Screen On Kia E Niro


Here are some positive aspects and interesting features of having a touch screen in your motor vehicle:

  1. Enjoy multimedia content directly on your screen.
  2. Follow GPS navigation with a sizable screen.
  3. Access numerous setting options for your vehicle through the integrated operating system.
  4. Sync your smartphone to receive calls seamlessly.
  5. Experience ease of use with the touchscreen, which is more intuitive compared to traditional buttons and knobs.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Most Common Problems With The Kia Niro

An image of a Kia E Niro - Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work
Kia E Niro Touch Screen Doesn’t Work | Photo Credits: Kia


Some Kia Niro owners have experienced transmission issues, including rough shifting, delayed shifting and slipping. With some cases resulting in transmission failure.

Additionally, various electrical problems have been reported, such as issues with the infotainment system, backup camera, and other electronic features.


What Are The Disadvantages Of The Kia Niro?


Although the Niro boasts electric efficiency and stylish design as clear advantages, potential buyers should also consider some drawbacks.

These include slower charging speed, limited cargo space, and a less powerful engine compared to some competitors.


Why Is My Infotainment Screen Not Working?


Inspecting Fuses and Wiring: Investigating the Power Supply

If the infotainment system fails to turn on altogether, a potential issue may lie within the power supply.

Examine the fuses associated with the infotainment system to verify their integrity and ensure they have not blown.





In conclusion, the non-functional touch screen issue on the Kia E Niro emphasizes the need to address technological concerns in modern vehicles.

While touch screens provide convenience and integrate advanced features, they can also experience various complications, including power supply issues, software bugs, and short circuits.

By understanding these issues and implementing troubleshooting steps, Kia E Niro owners can actively resolve touch screen problems and fully capitalize on the benefits of this technology in their vehicles.

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