How To Use Kia Remote Starter? A Guide To Effortless Car Ignition!

How to use Kia remote starter?

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How to use Kia remote starter? Image source: Owners Kia Blog


You may have come across the term “remote start,” and perhaps you’ve considered it as an aftermarket product that incurs substantial costs and voids your manufacturer’s warranty.

However, several automakers are integrating remote start functionality into their standard vehicle features, seamlessly incorporating it into the key fob and enabling users to connect it directly to their cell phones.

Kia, like many other automakers, has embraced this trend, offering remote start as a feature in many of their 2020 models.

In the following sections, we will provide you with information about Kia’s remote start and help you determine if it could be advantageous for you.


What Is Remote Start?


Remote start technology allows vehicle owners to effortlessly initiate their cars from a distance with a simple button press.

Leading manufacturers like Kia are now incorporating remote start technology into a significant portion of their vehicle models, making it a progressively popular feature within the automotive industry.

While remote starts offer substantial advantages to individuals residing in challenging climates, even those in more temperate regions can find value in this functionality.

Before embarking on their journey, the vehicle will be pre-warmed and ready to go, all while maintaining locked and secure doors, a crucial aspect of this feature.

As we appreciate modern conveniences like remote starters, it’s worth looking back at how far we’ve come in terms of vehicle security. Dive into this history of how car security has evolved with time

How To Use Kia Remote Starter: UVO Link Option For Remote Start



When you buy a Kia with remote start, you receive a complimentary one-year subscription to UVO Link!

After experiencing its convenience, you’ll likely continue using it even after the initial free period.

By enrolling in the UVO Link, you can perform various tasks from your smartphone, such as:


1. Initiating automatic start and stop.
2. Locking and unlocking doors.
3. Adjusting the temperature inside your car.
4. Locating your car in crowded areas.
5. Reviewing your warranty details.
6. Monitoring your payment plan and outstanding balance.


The driver must first register the vehicle with Kia UVO Remote Services before using the remote start capability.

Launching the app and choosing the “Register Vehicle” option will start the registration procedure.

The user of the app will be prompted to enter information such as the vehicle’s year, make, and model, as well as its 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Once the car has been correctly registered, the driver can start the engine remotely by using the “Remote Start” feature of the Kia UVO Remote Services app.

Additionally, the app offers real-time data on the temperature of the engine and the operation of the remote start feature.

Additionally, a separate “Remote Start” link on the Kia UVO Remote Services website provides remote access to the start capability, enabling the driver to initiate engine start remotely.


Can You Benefit From Remote Start?


While the choice largely depends on personal preference, there are several reasons why a remote start can be advantageous for you.

For example, individuals residing in regions with extreme weather conditions can enjoy the convenience of starting their car from the comfort of their home.

This can help in clearing ice or fog from the windshield and ensure a comfortable environment.

Even if you reside in a milder climate without extreme sun or snow, a remote start offers its own set of benefits.

Initiating your car’s engine before you depart allows the motor and oil to warm up gradually.

This is healthier for your vehicle and reduces the strain on your engine.


Frequently Asked Questions


How To Use Kia Remote Starter From My Phone?



Why Won’t My Car Start With The Remote Starter?


If you encounter problems with your remote starter, it’s essential to check that your hood is properly latched.

Additionally, it’s possible that the pin or tilt switch associated with the remote starter has malfunctioned or become disconnected.

In such a situation, you can typically have it replaced at many mobile electronics stores.




In summary, remote start technology, exemplified by the Kia remote starter, offers car owners practical and straightforward benefits.

It enhances comfort and engine health by allowing remote engine activation.

Manufacturers like Kia are incorporating this feature into their vehicles, making it a popular standard option.

The integration of smartphone functionality through UVO Link makes remote start even more convenient and user-friendly.

Regardless of your location’s climate or your desire to improve your car’s performance, adding a remote start to your vehicle can prove highly advantageous.

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