How To Remote Start Your Kia K5: Master The Art!

How to Remote Start Your Kia K5

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How To Remote Start Your Kia K5

The 2022 Kia K5 offers a convenient remote start key that initiates your engine at the press of a button.

Operating the 2022 Kia K5’s remote start key is a breeze as well.

To start your vehicle using the remote key, simply stand within 500 feet of your car and press and hold the remote start button for more than two seconds.

While warming up your engine before hitting the road may seem like a hassle, it’s a simple method to maintain your car’s optimal condition and enhance your morning commute’s comfort.

Thanks to the remote start key, it’s now more effortless than ever.

Just press a button, and your car will be prepared for your journey.

Continue reading to gain further insights into remote starting your car.


How To Remote Start Your Kia K5


The Kia K5’s remote start key functions effectively within a 500-foot range, although its signal weakens as you move farther away.

For optimal results, it’s advisable to remain within approximately 100 feet of your car when utilizing the remote start button.

To initiate the car’s engine:

1. Activate the lock feature on your keychain.

2. Hold down the remote start button for over 2 seconds.

Please note that your Kia won’t start unless the doors are locked.

Once the car is started, it will run for a maximum duration of 10 minutes before automatically shutting down.

While this may not seem like an extended period, it provides ample time to warm up the car and prepare the engine for your day.

To turn off the engine:

Press the remote start key to deactivate the engine.

Kia has implemented safety measures in the remote start process to prevent accidental engine starts, such as requiring drivers to lock their doors and press and hold the button.

Conversely, there is minimal to no risk associated with stopping the engine, allowing owners to conclude their remote start with a simple push of a button.



Kia K5 Remote Start Tips And Tricks


Now that you’ve mastered the utilization of your Kia K5’s remote start feature, keep these recommendations in mind to optimize its benefits:


  1. Ensure your car is warm when you’re done with breakfast by activating the remote feature while you eat.
  2. Engage the remote start in an open, well-ventilated area to avert the accumulation of hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide.
  3. If the engine shuts off prematurely, use the remote start function to restart it as needed.


Which Kia K5 Models Come With Remote Start?


The remote start feature is available as an option on most new Kias, but only a select few models include a remote start key as standard.

The following Kia models come equipped with the remote start key:



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Install Remote Start Myself?


If you possess the ability to interpret a wiring diagram, have the patience to conduct pre-connection tests with a test light and are ready to invest the time to create precise and secure splices.

You have the potential to independently install a remote starter, resulting in savings of approximately $125.


How Do I Know If My Kia Has UVO?


To find the UVO panel in your vehicle, look for it on the roof.

In more recent Kia models equipped with this technology, you’ll typically locate this panel on the roof.

This panel will typically include three buttons, each serving a different function.

The leftmost button often features a lowercase ‘I’ inside a circle, and it provides information about the available UVO features.





In conclusion, mastering the remote start feature on your 2022 Kia K5 is a simple way to enhance your daily routine.

It allows you to start your engine from a distance, ensuring a warm and comfortable ride.

Just stand within 500 feet, press and hold the remote start button after locking the doors, and you’re ready to go.

Additionally, following some tips can maximize the benefits of this feature.

Like using it while having breakfast and ensuring good ventilation during activation.

Only a select few Kia models, including the Telluride, Sorento, and K900, come with a remote start key as a standard feature.

For those with the right skills and patience, self-installation is also an option, saving approximately $125.

And if you’re wondering whether your Kia has UVO technology, look for the UVO panel on the roof, typically featuring buttons with different functions and an ‘I’ inside a circle for information about UVO features.

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