How To Protect Your Kia From Being Stolen? Kia Theft Alert!

How to protect your Kia from being stolen?

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How to protect your Kia from being stolen? Image source: The Drive Blog


Car thieves have recently honed in on Kia as the most frequently targeted automobile brand.

This surge in auto theft incidents has raised concerns among owners.

What makes these vehicles so susceptible to theft, and what steps can owners take to protect their cars?

In this article, we will thoroughly analyze these thefts and provide a comprehensive guide to the best preventive measures.

To learn how to safeguard your vehicle, simply read this piece.


How To protect your Kia from being stolen?


Secure Your Locks To Protect Your Kia From Being Stolen


To deter easy access to the interior of your car, ensure that your windows are fully rolled up.

Even during the summer, leaving a window slightly cracked can provide an opportunity for a thief to break in swiftly.

If your vehicle is a convertible or has a sunroof, always retract the top when you park it.

In addition, make certain that your doors and trunk are securely locked.

Thieves often stroll through parking lots, sometimes in broad daylight, testing door handles until they find an unlocked vehicle.

Before you walk away, double-check that your doors are locked to avoid becoming an easy target.


Protect Your Keys To Prevent Your Kia From Being Stolen


Remember to carry your keys with you whenever you exit your vehicle, even for a brief moment.

Additionally, refrain from leaving your car running when you’re not in the driver’s seat.

If you happen to possess multiple keys, avoid leaving any spare keys inside your car.

It’s essential to remove the valet key if your car is equipped with one.


Get An Alarm System To Protect Your Kia From Being Stolen


While the majority of new cars are equipped with factory-installed car alarms, older vehicles may not have this feature as standard.

In such instances, you have the option to have a mechanic install an aftermarket car alarm device.

When activated, the loud alarm noise serves as a deterrent and attracts unwanted attention to potential thieves.


Install Anti-Theft Devices To Protect Your Kia From Being Stolen


You might also qualify for car insurance discounts if your vehicle is equipped with any of these anti-theft upgrades:

  • Auto Kill Switch
  • Immobilizer Device
  • Window VIN Etching
  • Car Tracking (Vehicle Recovery System)
  • Steering Wheel Locks.


What Are The Most Common Stolen Items In Kia’s?


car battery:


Prevent easy access by locking your doors and keeping your windows up.

Consider using locking hood pins, especially for older cars.


Car antennas:


They are susceptible to theft.

Use a red thread locker to secure them in place or store them in your trunk to prevent theft.




While newer car infotainment systems are challenging for thieves to steal, aftermarket stereos and sound systems remain attractive targets.

Remove removable front panels when exiting your car and avoid blasting loud music to avoid drawing attention to your audio equipment.




Protect your wheels with wheel locks, which are lug nuts with unique sockets.

Park near curbs and turn your wheels toward the curb for added security.


Catalytic converters:


They are theft-prone, especially in hybrid vehicles and those with higher ground clearance.

Consider installing shields or plates for added protection, and etch your VIN on the converter to deter theft.


Is Your Vehicle Vulnerable?


This issue does not impact all Kia vehicles.

To determine if your car is susceptible to theft, consider the following factors:

  1. Your Kia model falls within the years 2011 to 2021.
  2. It features a physical key ignition rather than a push-to-start system.
  3. There is no existing aftermarket security upgrade installed on the vehicle.


Kia’s Response To The Thefts


The widely reported engineering problems in Kia automobiles have prompted questions about how such a vulnerable design was allowed to reach the public.

Kia has acknowledged these concerns and reaffirmed their commitment to safety and security, introducing enhanced security features in new Kia cars to address these issues.

However, it’s important to emphasize that older Kia models still meet Federal safety standards, and no recalls have been issued thus far.

In a bid to prevent similar thefts, Kia has chosen to donate steering wheel locks.

While these locks increase the difficulty for thieves and provide an additional visible deterrent, they do not completely resolve the issue and can prove inconvenient for vehicle owners.

Victims are left responsible for covering the expenses associated with towing and repairs related to these thefts.

The surge in repair demand has led to high demand and backorders for parts like rear windows.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Kia is prone to theft?

The specific vehicles in question, which include 2015-2019 Hyundai and Kia models like the Hyundai Santa Fe, Tucson, and the Kia Forte and Sportage, are approximately twice as susceptible to theft compared to other vehicles of similar age when they are equipped with turn-key ignitions, as opposed to those that require only a push-button start.


What happens if Kia is stolen?

Kia Connect offers an additional layer of safety and security to eligible subscribers through its Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature.

It utilizes Kia Connect technology and trained Kia agents who collaborate with law enforcement to assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles.




Protecting your Kia from theft is crucial in light of recent incidents targeting Kia and Hyundai models.

To secure your vehicle, follow the recommended measures, including locking windows and doors, safeguarding your keys, installing alarm systems, and using anti-theft devices.

Additionally, be aware of common stolen items in Kias and take steps to protect them.

Consider your vehicle’s vulnerability based on key criteria and be informed about Kia’s response to theft concerns.

Remember that older Kia models meet safety standards, but Kia has donated steering wheel locks as a preventive measure.

In case of theft, victims are responsible for associated expenses, with high demand and backorders for replacement parts.

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