How To Open Kia Soul Trunk Without Key

Have you ever found yourself in a bind, needing to access the trunk of your Kia Soul but lacking the key or remote?

Whether you accidentally left the key inside, the remote’s battery fizzled out, or you simply misplaced it, fret not.

There are simple ways to unlock your Kia Soul’s trunk without the key, and I’ll guide you through them in this article.

The Kia Soul, a beloved compact crossover SUV, boasts ample space and adaptability.

Its trunk, also known as the rear door or hatch, stands as one of its most practical features.

It’s perfect for stowing luggage, groceries, tools, and more. But what if you’re locked out, sans key or remote? How do you retrieve your belongings?

An image of Kia Soul
Whether you accidentally left the key inside, the remote’s battery fizzled out, or you simply misplaced it, fret not.

How to open a trunk without a key

An infographic of How To open A Trunk Without A Key
An infographic of How To Open A Trunk Without A Key

Unlocking a trunk without a key offers various methods, contingent on whether access to the car’s cabin is possible.

Here are some prevalent techniques:

  1. Utilizing the trunk release button or lever inside the car.
  2. Folding down the back seats and reaching into the trunk.
  3. Employing the emergency release lever located inside the trunk.
  4. Seeking out a spare key or remote key fob.
  5. Employing a slim Jim or wire hanger to unlock the car door.
  6. Using a magnet to release the trunk lock.
  7. Removing the trunk’s interior panel and manually unlocking it.

Kia Soul emergency release lever

The emergency release lever in the Kia Soul serves as a mechanism enabling trunk access without the need for a key, particularly in emergencies.

Positioned beneath the tailgate and concealed behind the carpet, this lever facilitates trunk opening.

To activate it, accessing the trunk is necessary, which can be achieved by folding down the rear seat or removing the cargo cover.

Once inside, simply push the release lever to unlatch the tailgate.

Kia Soul trunk release button location

The trunk release button in the Kia Soul is situated at the bottom center inside the tailgate.

Simply press this button to unlatch the trunk without needing the key, provided the car is unlocked.

Alternatively, you can utilize the interior trunk release button located on the instrument panel to the left of the steering wheel.

For visual guidance on opening the trunk of a Kia Soul, watch the accompanying video.

How to open a Kia Soul trunk with a dead battery

To open the Kia Soul trunk with a dead battery, you have a few options:

  • Use the interior trunk release button. This is the easiest and most common method to open the trunk without the key.
  • You can describe the location of the button, how to press it, and what to expect when the trunk is unlocked. You can also watch this video for a demonstration.
  • Use the emergency trunk release lever. This is a backup method in case the interior trunk release button does not work or is inaccessible.
  • You can explain how to access the lever, which is usually located inside the trunk, by folding down the rear seat or removing the cargo cover.
  • You can also describe how to pull the lever and what to expect when the trunk is unlocked. You can also watch this video for a demonstration.
  • Use the key. Some Kia Soul models have a hidden trunk lock behind a small trap door on the tailgate. You can insert and turn your key to open the trunk manually.

How to open the Kia Soul trunk from the inside

To access the trunk of the Kia Soul from within the vehicle, you have two options:

Utilize the interior trunk release button, located adjacent to the steering wheel on the instrument panel.

Depress this button, and the trunk will unlock. Then, proceed to open the trunk by pressing the button situated at the bottom of the tailgate.

Alternatively, employ the emergency trunk release lever, positioned beneath the carpet on the underside of the tailgate.

This lever can be reached by either folding down the rear seat or removing the cargo cover.

Activate the lever to unlock the trunk, and subsequently lift the tailgate to open it.

Kia Soul key replacement cost

Replacing a Kia Soul key can vary in cost based on factors like key type, model year, and service provider.

Typically, prices range from $50 to $250. Here’s what influences the cost:

  1. Key Type: Kia Soul keys come in various types, including standard, transponder, keyless entry remotes, and smart keys. The more advanced the key, the pricier its replacement. For instance, a standard key might cost around $50, whereas a smart key could exceed $200.
  2. Model Year: Newer Kia Soul models often feature sophisticated keys requiring programming or coding, which increases replacement expenses. For example, replacing a key for a 2020 model may cost more than for a 2010 model.
  3. Service Provider: Costs also depend on where you go for a replacement – Kia dealership, local locksmith, or online vendor. Each option has its pros and cons regarding availability, convenience, quality, and warranty. Dealerships tend to be priciest, while online vendors may offer cheaper alternatives, though potentially compromising on quality or security.

To save money on Kia Soul key replacement:

  1. Compare Prices: Shop around and compare quotes from different sources using online tools like Car Keys Express or Keyless Ride to find the best deal.
  2. Check Warranty: If your Kia Soul is under warranty, you might qualify for a free or discounted key replacement from the dealership. Review your warranty terms to confirm eligibility.
  3. Purchase a Spare Key: Having a spare key prevents the inconvenience and expense of replacing a lost or damaged key. Obtain one from an online vendor or local locksmith, and have it programmed accordingly.

Importance of spare keys

Owning a spare key for your vehicle, residence, or workplace can spare you numerous inconveniences.

Here’s why having an extra key is advantageous:

  1. Avoiding Lockouts: With a spare key on hand, you can circumvent the frustration, danger, and expense of being locked out of your car or property. No need to wait for a locksmith or resort to breaking a window for entry.
  2. Extending Key Lifespan: Rotating between keys can prevent your primary key from breaking or wearing out over time. By distributing the usage, you lessen the strain on your original key, minimizing the risk of damage or cracking.
  3. Expedited Replacement Process: Should you misplace your primary key, possessing a spare enables swifter and more cost-effective replacement. Instead of enduring the time and expense of obtaining a new key from a locksmith or dealer, you can use the spare for copying or programming a replacement key within minutes.
  4. Convenient Access for Others: Sharing your vehicle or property with others becomes simpler when you have a spare key readily available. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, or employee, providing access is hassle-free, eliminating the need for constant dependence on you.
  5. Enhanced Resale Value: When selling your vehicle or property, having a spare key boosts its market value and appeal to potential buyers. Furthermore, it spares you from incurring additional costs associated with creating a new key for the new owner.

The significance and advantages of possessing a spare key are evident.

Obtain one from a locksmith, dealer, or online retailer to ensure you’re prepared for any situation.

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