How to Open Kia Soul Gas Tank? Unlocking the Mystery.

How to open kia soul gas tank?

An image of a fuel lever. how to open kia soul gas tank?
how to open kia soul gas tank? Image source: hiride blog


Locating the fuel release lever on the Kia Soul can pose a challenge for some individuals. Many people have encountered difficulty in locating it. Well, worry no more. The following instructions will guide you on how to effortlessly release the fuel door, allowing you to proceed with fueling the vehicle.


How to open the Kia Soul gas tank?

Begin by entering the Kia Soul’s interior and searching for a compact lever adorned with a gas tank symbol. This lever is typically positioned on the driver’s side, specifically on the left-hand side of the floor.
After spotting the lever, lift it upwards. Doing so will result in the gas tank being released. Subsequently, proceed to the vehicle’s side to unlatch the gas tank door. Following this, you can proceed to unscrew the gas cap, enabling access to the gas tank.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which button opens the gas tank?

Search for a fuel release button located on the driver’s side door.

In more recent vehicles, a fuel release button might replace the traditional lever mechanism. Locate a button featuring an image of a gas pump on the lower section of the driver’s side door. Once located, press the button to unlock the gas tank door.


Why won’t my petrol door open?

Examine the fuel door area for obstructions that could impede its opening. Dirt, debris, or ice accumulation might hinder the fuel door’s movement. If you identify any obstructions, cautiously clear them away and then try to open the fuel door once more.


How do you release a gas lock?

The body expels gas through two processes: burping and flatulating. On average, a person generates one to four quarts of gas daily and usually experiences around 14 instances of flatulence each day. Peristalsis, the intestinal movement, is stimulated by water. Consuming a cup of warm water might alleviate gas and cramps by promoting peristalsis.



To conclude, the process of opening the gas tank on a Kia Soul might initially seem perplexing to some. Locating the fuel release lever can be a challenge that leaves many uncertain. However, worry not, as the provided instructions offer a straightforward solution. By identifying the inconspicuous lever with a gas tank symbol inside the vehicle, you can easily release the fuel door. Lifting the lever unlocks the gas tank, allowing you to move to the side of the vehicle and open the gas tank door. From there, accessing the gas tank is a matter of unscrewing the gas cap. With these steps, the once complex task of opening the Kia Soul’s gas tank becomes a simple and hassle-free process.

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