How To Open Kia Optima Trunk From Inside

Is your Kia Optima trunk refusing to open from the outside and you’re stuck inside? Don’t panic! This situation, though frustrating, has a solution.

Kia Optima comesThe  equipped with an emergency trunk release lever accessible from the inside.

This article will guide you through the simple steps of opening your trunk from within the vehicle, even if the battery is dead or your keys are locked inside.

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If you need help, please look for a Kia dealership or a qualified mechanic.

How to open Kia Optima trunk with dead battery

If you need to open the trunk of your Kia Optima when the battery is dead, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Mechanical Key: Use the mechanical key that comes with your Kia Optima. Look for a keyhole on the trunk lid or near the license plate. Insert the key and turn it to manually unlock the trunk.
  2. Interior Release: Some models have an interior trunk release mechanism. Check the driver’s side of the car for a small cover with a trunk symbol. Pop it out and pull the wire loop inside to release the trunk.
  3. Rear Seat Access: If those methods don’t work, try folding down the rear seats to access the trunk from inside the car. You might find a trunk release lever or pull cord near the trunk area.
  4. Emergency Release: Look for an emergency trunk release inside the trunk. This is usually a glow-in-the-dark handle that you can use to open the trunk from the inside.

Keep in mind that these steps can vary depending on the year and model of your Kia Optima, so it’s always a good idea to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

If you’re still having trouble, it might be best to seek help from a professional or a Kia dealership.

Kia Optima emergency trunk release location

The emergency trunk release in a Kia Optima is usually located inside the vehicle.

Here’s how to find and use it:

  1. Rear Seat Access: Head to the back seat of your Kia Optima. Lift the headrest to reveal a small cover on the seatback.
  2. Cover Removal: Use the mechanical key or a similar tool to pop the cover open. This cover is typically on the left side of the seatback.
  3. Release Mechanism: Once the cover is removed, reach inside and pull the loop to release the trunk lid.

Additionally, some models have a trunk release button on the trunk lid itself, located under the lip to the right of the license plate light housing.

If you have trouble finding or using the emergency trunk release, check your owner’s manual for specific instructions for your model year.

If you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to contact a professional or visit a Kia dealership for help.

Kia Optima trunk release button inside

The trunk release button for the Kia Optima is usually located inside the vehicle, on the driver’s side.

Here’s how to find and use it:

  1. Driver’s Side: Look to the left of the steering wheel for a button with an icon of a car and a trunk.
  2. Press the Button: Press this button. You should hear a sound indicating that the trunk has been unlocked, and the instrument panel will show that the trunk is open.
  3. Open the Trunk: Step out of the vehicle, walk to the back, and lift the trunk lid to access the trunk.

If you can’t find the button or it’s not working, check your owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips or contact a professional for help.

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