How To Connect To Kia Bluetooth:A Guide to Kia’s Bluetooth Features

You need to stay connected while moving, and the Bluetooth system in your Kia makes this easy.

It lets you enjoy your favorite music, navigate easily without using your hands, and make clear phone calls.

Learning how to use Bluetooth can make things very convenient. However, with different Kia models and infotainment systems, it might look hard at first.

Don’t worry! This guide will help you connect your device easily, no matter which year your Kia is from.


Kia’s Bluetooth systems do more than just connect your device. Depending on your Kia model and system, you can enjoy these features:

How To Connect To Kia Bluetooth

Connecting your device to your Kia’s Bluetooth system is a straightforward process, but the specific steps may vary slightly depending on your car model and year.

Here’s a general guide:

Understanding the Kia Bluetooth Landscape

Kia has different infotainment systems that connect to Bluetooth in slightly different ways. Here are some of the systems you might find:

  • UVO: This is Kia’s main system, and it comes in different versions depending on the model and year of the car.
  • Kia Connect: This is the newest version of UVO, with more advanced features like connecting to the internet.
  • Harmon: This is a high-quality sound system available in the more expensive Kia models.

Even though connecting to Bluetooth is pretty similar in all these systems, knowing which one you have helps with finding the right buttons and steps.

For specific details about how your system works, check your Kia’s owner’s manual.

Gearing Up for Connection:

Before you start, make sure your device (like a phone or music player) has its Bluetooth turned on and can be found by other devices.

You can usually find Bluetooth settings in the device’s menu. If you’re not sure how to do this, look at your device’s manual for help.

Pairing Your Device: The First Dance

  1. Start the Connection: Jump into your Kia and find the Bluetooth settings on your infotainment system. You usually need to press the “PHONE” button or go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Make Your Kia Discoverable: Select “Add New Device” or “Pair New Device” to make your Kia visible to nearby Bluetooth devices.
  3. Search and Connect from Your Device: On your device, look for available Bluetooth connections. You’ll find your Kia listed, for example, “Kia Telluride” or “UVO [model name].” Choose it to start the pairing process.
  4. Enter the PIN Code (if needed): Some Kia systems require a PIN code for verification. You’ll see this code on your Kia’s screen or in the owner’s manual, usually “0000.” Enter this code on your device to finish pairing.
  5. Confirm the Connection: After pairing, both your Kia and device will show a confirmation message or icon, indicating a successful connection.

Reconnecting with Old Flames:

Once paired, subsequent connections are a breeze:

  1. Access the Bluetooth Menu: In your Kia, head back to the Bluetooth settings (PHONE button or Settings menu).
  2. Choose Your Device: A list of previously paired devices should be displayed. Select the one you wish to connect to.
  3. Automatic Reunion: Your Kia will attempt to automatically reconnect, and voilà! You’re good to go.

How To Connect To Kia Bluetooth, Troubleshooting Tips:

If you run into problems, try these steps:

  • Restart Both Devices: Turning off and then turning on your Kia’s infotainment system and your device can fix some issues.
  • Check Compatibility: Make sure your device works with your Kia’s Bluetooth. Look in your Kia’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website for information.
  • Forget and Re-pair: If nothing else works, remove the device from both your Kia and your device’s memory. Then, go through the pairing process again.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Advanced Features:

Kia’s Bluetooth systems do more than just connect your device. Depending on your Kia model and system, you can enjoy these features:

  • Phone Calls: Make and take calls hands-free, enjoying clear sound quality.
  • Music Streaming: Wirelessly play music from your library or streaming services.
  • Navigation: Use turn-by-turn directions through your Kia’s system (with a compatible app).
  • Voice Commands: Use your voice to control music, navigation, and calls for a hands-free experience.

Keep in mind:

  • For detailed instructions, check your Kia’s owner’s manual. It has specific steps and features for your model and year.
  • Driving safely is important. Use Bluetooth features without distracting yourself from the road.


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