How Much Does Kia Connect Cost? Live The Future!

How much does Kia Connect cost?

An image of the Kia Connect System - How much does Kia Connect cost?
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Gone are the days when you needed to be inside your car or nearby to monitor it or utilize its functions.

Automotive telematics has made it possible to connect your car with your smartphone.

Automakers are incorporating cutting-edge telematics technologies into vehicles, empowering owners to remotely monitor their cars and access various features.


What is Kia Connect?


Originally named UVO Link, Kia Connect is a telecommunications and information technology system integrated into Kia vehicles, establishing a connection between Kia owners and their vehicles through a smartphone app.

This app offers Kia owners enhanced safety, security, and convenience.

Kia Connect is not a standard feature across all Kia vehicles.

To determine its availability in your specific vehicle, locate the Kia Connect option on the car’s touch-screen interface and activate it.

Alternatively, you can verify whether your car is equipped with Kia Connect by entering your vehicle identification number (VIN) on Kia’s official website.


How Much Does Kia Connect Cost?


Upon purchasing a new Kia vehicle, you’ll receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Kia Connect Ultimate, which encompasses the most comprehensive features.

Following this period, you can continue enjoying the advantages of Kia Connect by opting for one of four subscription plans.

The foundational plan is known as Lite, and it remains accessible at no cost for up to five years.

Alternatively, the other three plans involve a subscription fee, and here are their monthly and yearly pricing details:

  • Care: $5.99 monthly or $59 annually.
  • Plus: $14.99 monthly or $149 annually.
  • Ultimate: $19.99 per month or $199 per year.

How to set up Kia Connect


To initiate Kia Connect in your vehicle, adhere to these instructions:

First, download Kia Access from Google Play or the Apple Store. Once installation is complete, establish an account by inputting your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).

Secondly, activate Kia Connect by connecting to your vehicle, inputting your vehicle identification number, and subsequently soliciting an authentication code.

Then, opt for “Activate Kia Connect” on the electronic dashboard unit and tap the “I already have a code” choice.

Finally, input the verification code.

Your car’s Kia Connect feature is now activated.


What Are The Features of a Kia Connect?


Kia Connect’s primary attractions include its integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and the capacity to manage various aspects of your car using your smart device via the Kia Access app.

Kia owners also greatly appreciate the following features:

Connected Routing: Plot your course and identify the most efficient path to your destination utilizing the Kia Connect navigation system.

Find My Car: Pinpoint your vehicle’s location using the smartphone app and receive directions to it.

Rear Occupant Alert: Obtain notifications when rear seat movement is detected after you’ve locked your vehicle.

Remote Climate Control: Set your desired temperature through Kia Access.

Remote Door Lock and Unlock: Safeguard your vehicle or permit entry using your smartphone.

Roadside Assistance: Kia Connect promptly transmits your location to roadside assistance for swift response in emergencies.

Smartwatch Connectivity: Dispatch remote commands to your vehicle via a smartwatch linked to your smartphone.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Kia collaborates with law enforcement to locate and reclaim your vehicle in cases of theft.

Vehicle Health Report: Regularly receive reports on your vehicle’s condition, accompanied by maintenance tips to keep it in optimal shape.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Kia Connect free to use?


Once your complimentary 1-year Kia Connect subscription concludes, maintaining full access to the complete range of Kia Connect features on your Kia vehicle will necessitate a paid subscription at the prevailing subscription rate.

Failure to subscribe may result in the immediate termination of your use of certain Kia Connect features.


Do all Kia cars come with Kia Connect?


Kia’s innovative Kia Connect online system is set to be introduced in Australia across all new models and facelifts moving forward.

This inclusion will encompass a generous offering of seven years of complimentary connectivity.




In conclusion, automotive telematics has transformed vehicle monitoring, eliminating the need for proximity.

Kia Connect, formerly known as UVO Link, establishes a direct link between Kia vehicles and smartphones, enhancing safety and convenience.

The subscription plans to cater to diverse needs, guaranteeing ongoing access to Kia Connect’s benefits.

With a comprehensive range of features and the assurance of extended connectivity, Kia Connect revolutionizes the driving experience for Kia owners.

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