How Many Seats Does A Kia Sorento Have? Shocking Truth Exposed!

How many seats does a Kia Sorento have?

A Photo of A Kia Sorento's interior - how many seats does a kia sorento have
How many seats does a Kia Sorento have | Photo Credit: Kia


The 2022 Kia Sorento serves as an excellent SUV choice for large families.

That is with its six or seven-seat capacity depending on the trim level.

This classy yet rugged mid-size SUV offers various powertrain options, including a hybrid and plug-in hybrid engine to maximize fuel efficiency.

This SUV provides a pleasant driving experience and a comfortable ride.

Adults may find the third-row seats too compact for extended sitting.

Before you embark on a test drive of the Sorento, you can assess its suitability for your family.

That is by examining the seating capacity and cargo volume.

Let’s explore the seating configurations and trunk space for the 2022 Sorento and some larger eight-seater Kia models.


How many seats does a Kia Sorento have?


The 2022 Kia Sorento offers a seating capacity of either six or seven seats, depending on the trim level.

  • Seven-seater configuration: LX, S, X-Line S
    Six-seater configuration: EX, SX, S-Line EX, and S-Line SX Prestige
  • In the lower trims, the second-row bench seats are standard, but in the EX trim and above, they are replaced with two captain’s chairs.

While this enhances comfort and provides easier access to the third-row seats, it also reduces the Sorento’s seating capacity by one.


Do all Sorentos have three rows of seats?


The total number of seats in the Sorento can vary based on the trim level and customizations.

All Sorento trim levels come equipped with a third row of seats.

While the third row may feel cramped for adults, it offers ample space for small children.

It can also be conveniently stowed away to increase the cargo volume.

Additionally, with 29.6 inches of legroom, the Sorento provides slightly more room than competing mid-size SUVs like the Toyota Highlander.

To assist you in determining if the Sorento offers enough space for your family, we have provided a detailed breakdown of the 2022 Sorento’s interior specifications and features.


The Kia Sorento’s Interior


The interior of the Kia Sorento features an appealing and functional design, utilizing high-quality materials.

The front and second-row seats offer a comfortable and supportive experience, ideal for extended journeys.

However, third-row passengers might not find the seats as comfortable.

In the higher trim levels, seats are upgraded with leatherette upholstery and equipped with heating functionality.

Furthermore, the cabin includes numerous storage cubbies and cupholders.

This provides passengers with convenient spaces to store loose items and beverages.


Cargo space


When compared to the Kia Sorento’s size, its cargo space is relatively small.

It maxes out at 75.5 cubic feet behind the front row.

While this amount of storage is still reasonable, it falls on the lower side for a mid-size SUV.

If you have passengers in the rear, the available cargo space decreases significantly.

When the second row is in use, you’re left with 38.5 cubic feet of storage.

If you need the third row for passengers, there’s a mere 12.6 cubic feet of storage.

In essence, there won’t be much room for luggage if you’re planning a family trip.

For comparison, the Hyundai Palisade offers a total cargo volume of 86 cubic feet with all seats folded down and can accommodate 33 carry-on suitcases.

The cargo area reduces to 46 cubic feet with the second-row seats occupied and further decreases to 18 cubic feet with all rows in use.


A photo of a Kia Sorento's cargo space - How many seats does a Kia Sorento have?
How many seats does a Kia Sorento have | Photo credit: Pinterest


Which other Kia vehicles can seat eight people?


While the Kia Sorento can accommodate six to seven people, it might not be the ideal choice for your family, whether it’s due to seating capacity, legroom, or cargo volume.

The good news is that Kia offers eight-seater options for those in need of more space.

The Kia Telluride is a robust three-row SUV that can seat up to eight individuals.

Its interior is even more spacious than the Sorento, especially for passengers in the back row.

The Telluride comes standard with second-row bench seats.

There’s also the option for two captain’s chairs, which reduces the capacity to seven.

The Telluride boasts a more upscale and comfortable interior compared to the Sorento and offers ample storage space throughout the cabin.

Impressively, it can accommodate two more carry-ons than the Sorento when the second and third rows are folded down.

The second eight-seater option is the Carnival, which is essentially a minivan disguised as a mid-size SUV, offering a luxurious ride.

This perfect combination of features makes the Carnival an excellent family vehicle without the typical minivan stigma.

Not only can it seat eight people, but it also provides space for 14 carry-on suitcases behind the third row alone.

This offers substantial cargo space without sacrificing seating capacity.

The only drawback is that the seats in the Carnival cannot be removed like those in rival minivans.

Hence, limiting the maximum cargo volume.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which is bigger Sorento or Sportage?


The 2022 Kia Sorento, being the larger vehicle with an additional row of seats, naturally comes with a slightly higher starting price compared to the Sportage.
However, for the best deals on both the 2022 Sportage and Sorento, be sure to explore our new vehicle specials.

Which Kia SUV is smaller?


Kia offers a diverse SUV lineup, ranging from the compact Kia Soul to the spacious Kia Carnival MPV and Telluride.

These vehicles cater to drivers with various budget considerations, ensuring there’s a great Kia SUV for everyone.




The 2022 Kia Sorento offers seating for six or seven passengers, making it a versatile choice for families.

While it provides an appealing interior and various seating configurations, its cargo space may be limited compared to larger Kia SUVs like the Telluride and Carnival.

These SUVs offer eight-passenger seating and more substantial cargo capacity.

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