How Long Is a Kia Sorento? Unveiling the Dimensions of Kia’s Versatile SUV

The Kia Sorento has solidified its position as a favored choice among mid-size SUV enthusiasts, presenting an appealing blend of spaciousness, comfort, and advanced technology.

However, a common query that frequently arises among prospective buyers is: How Long Is a Kia Sorento?

This article will thoroughly explore this query, not only addressing the length but also delving into the width, height, and other crucial measurements of this adaptable family vehicle.

Additionally, we will examine how these dimensions manifest in practical terms, influencing interior space and cargo capacity.

This exploration aims to assist you in determining whether the Sorento aligns with your specific requirements.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to uncover the precise dimensions of the Kia Sorento!

How Long is a Kia Sorento
Discover the perfect fit for your family adventures with the Kia Sorento! Uncover its precise dimensions, from length to ground clearance, in this comprehensive guide. PHOTO: Freepik


2023 Kia Sorento Dimensions

  • 2023 Exterior Kia Sorento Dimensions

The dimensions of the Kia Sorento firmly place it within the midsize category, making it an excellent choice for dynamic families in search of a spacious and feature-packed SUV.

Its agility is well-suited for navigating through the traffic in North Richland Hills.

Consider that the dimensions of the Kia Sorento may vary based on your configuration choices.

Choosing an all-wheel drive option will raise the height of the Kia Sorento by one inch and increase ground clearance by approximately an inch and a half.

Take a closer look by reading the information below:

  1. Length – 189.0 inches
  2. Width – 74.8 inches
  3. Height: FWD – 66.7 inches
  4. Height: AWD – 67.7 inches
  5. Wheelbase – 110.8 inches
  6. Track: Front/Rear (17-inch Wheels) – 65.0/65.4 inches
  7. Ground Clearance: Front-Wheel Drive – 6.9 inches
  8. Ground Clearance: All-Wheel Drive – 8.2 inches
  9. Approach Angle – 16.8 degrees
  10. Departure Angle – 22.1 degrees
  • 2023 Interior Kia Sorento Dimensions

How Long is a Kia Sorento


The legroom, headroom, and shoulder room in the first and second rows are either identical or closely matched.

As a midsize SUV model, the third row is more compact and is ideal for smaller passengers.

If you desire greater space in the third row, consider exploring options like the Telluride or the Carnival.

This is the amount of passenger space available within the Sorento:

  1. Head Room: 1st/2nd/3rd Rows (w/o Panoramic Sunroof) – 40.3/39.1/36.8 inches
  2. Shoulder Room: 1st/2nd/3rd Rows – 59.1/58.1/53.0 inches
  3. Hip Room: 1st/2nd/3rd Rows – 55.6/55.1/42.5 inches
  4. Leg Room: 1st/2nd/3rd Rows – 41.4/41.7/29.6 inches
  • 2023 Kia Sorento Cargo Space Dimensions

The cargo capacity in the second row of the Kia Sorento differs based on your chosen configuration:

  1. Cargo Volume (SAE): 1st Row – 75.5 cubic feet
  2. Cargo Volume (SAE): 2nd Row – 38.5 to 45.0 cubic feet
  3. Cargo Volume (SAE): 3rd Row – 12.6 cubic feet

Size Comparison

  • 2023 Kia Sportage vs. Sorento: Size Comparison

The Kia Sportage falls into the category of compact SUVs, whereas the Kia Sorento is categorized as a mid-size SUV.

Both vehicles offer ample room for both passengers and cargo.

However, the Sorento boasts a size advantage, featuring three rows of seats and a larger maximum cargo space.

Dimensions In mm

Length 4,810 mm (189″)
Width 1,900 mm (75″)
Height 1,700 mm (67″)


2023 Kia Sorento MSRP
Sorento LX $30,090
Sorento S $32,590
Sorento X-Line S AWD $34,590
Sorento EX $35,990

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long is a Kia Sorento in feet?

GT-Line 7 Seat, 2.2L, Diesel, 8 SPEED AUTO DUAL CLUTCH

Dimension Metric Imperial
Kia Sorento Height 1700 mm 5 ft 7 in
Kia Sorento Width 1900 mm 6 ft 3 in
Kia Sorento Length 4810 mm 15 ft 9 in
Kia Sorento Ground clearance unladen 176 mm 7 in
  • How many meters long is a Kia Sorento?

Cerato measures 4.51 meters in length compared to the Sorento’s 4.81 meters, while the relatively compact Cerato is 1.8 meters wide in contrast to the Sorento’s 1.9 meters width.

  • What size SUV is a Kia Sorento?

Mid-Size SUV

  • How long is a Kia Sorento GT?

Equipped with a 67-liter fuel tank, the vehicle has a range of 1264 kilometers on a full tank.

The Sorento’s dimensions include a height of 1700mm (66.9 inches), a length of 4810mm (189.4 inches), and a width of 1900mm (74.8 inches), all supported by a 2815mm (110.8 inches) wheelbase.

The unladen weight of the vehicle totals 1883kg (4151.3 lbs).


Revealing its expansive interior and adaptable cargo capacity, the dimensions of the Kia Sorento make it an ideal choice for active families.

With room for three rows of passengers, it provides generous cargo space that can be adjusted based on your needs.

Although categorized as a mid-size SUV, the Sorento distinguishes itself with its practicality and nimbleness.

Whether navigating through urban streets or embarking on family excursions, the Sorento’s dimensions guarantee comfort and convenience on every journey.

If you’re in search of a spacious and versatile SUV, the Kia Sorento’s dimensions could be the key to finding the perfect fit for your requirements.

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