Does KIA Make Trucks? Diving Deep into the World of KIA Pickups

For years, people thought of KIA as the maker of stylish sedans and sporty SUVs. But guess what? KIA has a surprise: trucks.

Even though they’re not as common as American or Japanese trucks, KIA’s entry into the pickup scene is getting more popular.

They’re doing it with cool designs, high-tech stuff, and a promise to meet different market needs.

Does KIA Make Trucks?
As their truck lineup expands and their electric ambitions take shape, KIA is sure to continue surprising and delighting truck enthusiasts around the globe. [Photo: Kia Trinidad & Tobago] 

Does KIA Make Trucks?

For years, many people saw KIA as the creator of stylish sedans and sporty SUVs. But here’s the surprise: KIA makes trucks too.

Although not as widespread as American or Japanese trucks, KIA’s move into the pickup world is gaining traction.

They’re doing it with stylish designs, advanced technology, and a commitment to diverse market needs.

KIA’s Truck History: From Humble Beginnings to Global Aspirations

Decades ago, KIA started its truck journey with the Bongo, a cab-over truck mainly sold in South Korea.

Although not known worldwide, the Bongo showcased KIA’s truck-building skills and set the stage for what came next.

In 2022, KIA kicked its truck ambitions up a notch by revealing not just one, but two new pickup models:

  • A mid-size truck:¬†Slated for a 2025 release, this truck targets markets like Australia and Europe, with potential for expansion to North America.
  • An electric truck:¬†Scheduled for 2027, this ambitious project leverages KIA’s EV expertise and aims to disrupt the burgeoning electric truck segment.

Top 5 KIA Trucks: A Global Showcase of Innovation

  1. KIA Bongo: This veteran remains a key player in South Korea, showcasing KIA’s rich truck-building history. Its compact size and versatility make it a go-to option for both urban and commercial needs.
  2. 2025 KIA Mid-Size Truck (tentative name): This upcoming model is a game-changer, set to rival established names like Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. Speculations hint at a robust body-on-frame design, impressive towing capabilities, and a variety of powertrain options, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid.
  3. 2027 KIA Electric Pickup (tentative name): A glimpse into the future, this electric truck capitalizes on the rising trend of electric vehicles. Built on KIA’s E-GMP platform (also used in Hyundai’s EV6), it promises long-range capabilities, rapid charging, and innovative features tailored for environmentally conscious drivers.
  4. KIA Mohave (North America only): This full-size SUV comes with truck-like capabilities, offering a spacious interior, powerful engine choices, and exceptional off-road performance, exclusively available in North America.
  5. KIA Rio Pickup (South America only): Compact and budget-friendly, this pickup is perfect for urban and commercial use. Its small size and agile handling make it a popular choice in South American markets like Brazil and Argentina.

Why KIA Trucks Are Gaining Traction: A Perfect Storm of Innovation and Value

Does KIA make trucks?
The Bongo is primarily available in South Korea, while the Rio Pickup is limited to South America. [Photo: KED Global]
  1. Filling a Gap in the Market

    KIA, known for stylish sedans and feature-packed SUVs, is entering the mid-size truck segment dominated by Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

    Expected in 2025, KIA’s trucks bring a fresh perspective with bold design, advanced technology, and diverse powertrain options, including gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid.

  2. Embracing the Electric Revolution

    KIA, a pioneer in EVs, introduces a game-changing 2027 electric pickup. Leveraging the success of models like the EV6, it promises impressive range, innovative features, and a sustainability focus.

    With an estimated range exceeding 300 miles, it competes with established electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

  3. Competitive Value Proposition: KIA’s reputation for feature-rich vehicles at competitive prices extends to its trucks. This makes them an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers looking for value without compromising quality.
  4. Global Appeal: KIA’s truck ambitions go beyond specific regions. The mid-size truck is planned for markets like Australia and Europe, with a potential North American release. This global approach ensures KIA’s trucks meet diverse needs and preferences.
  5. Building on a Strong Foundation: While new to the global truck scene, KIA has a history of building reliable vehicles. This experience instills confidence in buyers considering KIA’s pickup offerings.

Does KIA make trucks? What’s their presence in the market?

KIA’s truck presence differs across regions. The Bongo is mainly in South Korea, and the Rio Pickup is exclusive to South America.

However, KIA’s global ambitions and the soon-to-come mid-size and electric trucks show a strong commitment to expanding their truck offerings worldwide.

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