Can You Take Your Kia To Any Dealership For Service?

If you’re a Kia car owner, you might ponder Take Your Kia To Any Dealership For Service?

Should you stick with the dealership where you made the purchase, or are you free to select any nearby Kia dealer?

What about independent garages or service centers not affiliated with Kia? Will they uphold your warranty and provide quality service?

In this article, we’ll address these queries and offer valuable tips for maintaining your Kia car.

Additionally, we’ll highlight the advantages of choosing Kia dealers for your service needs, including benefits like the Kia Maintenance Plan, Kia Genuine Parts, and Kia Service Promise.

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Kia Maintenance Plan

A Kia Maintenance Plan is a prepaid service package designed to cover recommended scheduled maintenance and specific wear-and-tear components for your Kia vehicle.

This plan is accessible for qualifying new or pre-owned Kia models and operates for a predetermined duration or distance, whichever comes first. Here are some advantages of opting for a Kia Maintenance Plan:

  1. Simplifies maintenance procedures by prepaying and avoiding unforeseen expenses.
  2. Guarantees top-notch service delivered by certified Kia technicians utilizing Genuine Kia Parts and premium synthetic oil.
  3. Offers peace of mind with the backing of Kia America, allowing you the flexibility to select any Kia dealer for servicing.
  4. Includes added perks such as discounts on accessories and future maintenance packages.

Kia Service Promise

The Kia Service Promise encompasses a range of advantages aimed at providing Kia customers with quality, convenience, and peace of mind during their vehicle servicing.

Among the benefits included are:

  • A consistent national labour rate of £53* per hour for servicing.
  • Utilization of only genuine Kia parts, coupled with a 10% discount on parts.
  • MOT tests are available at a competitive rate of just £35.
  • Complimentary vehicle health checks and software updates.
  • Free fitting of wiper blades and exterior bulbs.
  • Provision of a hire/loan car** if your vehicle is undergoing warranty repair and is off the road.
  • Assurance of 100% Kia expertise delivered by trained Kia technicians.

Kia Genuine Parts

Kia Genuine Parts stand as the authentic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components meticulously crafted, tested, and endorsed by Kia to seamlessly integrate and perform flawlessly within your Kia vehicle.

These parts offer distinct advantages over aftermarket, salvage, or counterfeit alternatives:

To locate the precise Kia Genuine Parts suitable for your vehicle, you can utilize the online catalog or parts store featured on the Kia website, or simply reach out to your local Kia dealer.

Additionally, comprehensive insights on distinguishing Kia Genuine Parts from other alternatives can be found on the Kia Store website.

Kia Warranty Repairs

Kia Warranty Repairs encompass the repairs covered under Kia’s extensive warranty program, renowned for its comprehensiveness within the industry.

This program comprises various limited warranties, including powertrain, basic, anti-perforation, and roadside assistance warranties.

These warranties effectively address most material or workmanship defects occurring during the warranty period, subject to specific terms and conditions.

In the event of requiring a warranty repair for your Kia vehicle, you have the flexibility to visit any authorized Kia dealer or service center, regardless of the initial purchase location.

Upon inspection, the Kia dealer or service center will determine if the issue falls under warranty coverage.

If so, they will promptly execute the necessary repair or replacement using Kia Genuine Parts, all at no expense to you.

To uphold the validity of your Kia warranty, it’s essential to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule outlined by Kia.

Additionally, maintaining comprehensive service records and receipts is crucial.

Avoiding modifications, alterations, or misuse of your vehicle is also advised, as these factors can potentially impact its performance and safety over time.

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