Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul? Unlock Hidden Space!!

Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul?

An image of folded seat in Kia Soul - Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul?
Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul? Image source: Peak Px Site


If you’re contemplating a KIA Soul, you’re aware it’s a compact crossover vehicle with limited space but impressive gas mileage.

It excels for cross-country trips, commutes, and city drives, ultimately saving you money on fuel over time.

However, if camping is on your agenda, you’ll require additional space. Can you remove the back seats from a KIA Soul?


Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul?


The KIA Soul accommodates five people, with two seats in the front and a rear bench.

However, the seats lack the ability to fold flat, which can pose challenges for solo road trips or extensive packing needs.

While removing the back seats from a Soul isn’t as straightforward as with some minivans, accessing the bolts securing them to the car’s floor is possible.

With the appropriate tools, you can remove the back seats and enjoy solo travels in your KIA Soul, albeit requiring some effort.

Although the seats are bolted down and not easily removable like in other models, freeing up space for packing and camping becomes feasible once they’re removed.

Although the back seats of a KIA Soul may hinder camping or extensive packing, they can be taken out with the correct tools.

This guide outlines the steps for removing and reinstalling the back seats, ensuring convenience for transporting passengers when needed.

An Image showcasing camping in a Kia Soul - Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul?
Can You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul? Image source: Kia Soul Forums


How Do You Take The Back Seats Out Of A Kia Soul


Ensure the Seat Belts Are Loose:


Thankfully, the process of removing the back seats from a Kia Soul is straightforward.

However, certain steps are necessary.

In some KIA Soul models, you’ll need to remove the seat belt mounts to prevent entanglement with the seat.

On most older models, though, you can simply detach them from the seat and let them hang or secure them to the ceiling.


Loosen and Remove All Bolts:


Beneath the carpeting on the back of the folded-down seats, you’ll find eight bolts.

These bolts secure the seat backs to the car’s floor.

While tightly screwed, you should be able to loosen and remove all eight on your own.

Once removed, set them aside to avoid misplacement.

Additionally, there’s one more bolt, typically larger than the others, securing the seat to the floor in the middle of the bench.

After removing it, the entire bench should be loose enough to extract from the car.


Pull Out the Seats:


Once the bolts are out, simply lift and pull the seats out of the car.

It’s advisable to perform this action through the trunk for optimal maneuverability.

If encountering resistance, double-check for additional bolts or any obstructions.

With this step completed, the back seat of the KIA Soul is entirely removed.

With the back seats removed, you gain the flexibility to pack the car with camping gear or transport your belongings without overburdening it.

While the KIA may not have significant towing capacity, it becomes more versatile without the back seats.



How To Put Back Seats Into A Kia Soul


Reinstalling the car seats into the Soul is a straightforward process:

  1. Reverse the steps followed during removal to maneuver the seats back to their original position and securely lock them in place.
  2. Once in position, reposition and tighten the bolts securely to ensure passenger safety.
  3. Verify that all bolts are tightly secured, replacing any missing hardware before allowing passengers to ride in the car.
  4. Reattach the seatbelts and mounts, if previously removed, and ensure everything is properly secured and safe.
  5. Refer to the manual or the KIA website for assistance if encountering any difficulties or questions regarding the backseat.

Overall, the reinstallation process should be relatively quick and simple.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Big Is The Back Seat Of A Kia Soul?


The Soul boasts 38.8 inches of rear legroom.

Additionally, behind the rear seats, you’ll find up to 24.2 cubic feet of cargo space, expanding to an impressive 62.1 cubic feet when the back seats are folded.

These figures position the Soul as one of the most spacious SUVs in its class.



Can A Tall Person Fit In A Kia Soul?


The Kia Soul stands out as the best subcompact SUV for tall people, thanks to its low H-point, which enhances headroom, coupled with its tall roof.

In the front seat, the Soul offers 39.9 inches of headroom and 41.1 inches of legroom, ensuring ample space for taller occupants.





Removing and reinstalling the back seats of a Kia Soul is a feasible process, offering increased flexibility for various needs.

While the Soul excels in fuel efficiency and city driving, its limited space may necessitate seat removal for camping or extensive packing.

Fortunately, with the right tools and steps outlined, you can easily remove and reinstall the seats to accommodate your specific requirements.

Additionally, the spacious rear legroom and cargo capacity further enhance the Soul’s versatility, making it a top choice in its class.

Whether embarking on road trips or accommodating tall passengers, the Kia Soul proves to be a reliable and adaptable vehicle for diverse needs.

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