A Clear Explanation on How to Remote Start Kia Seltos

How to Remote Start Kia Seltos.

If you own a Kia Seltos equipped with remote start capability, you might find it particularly useful during chilly mornings.

However, fret not if you’re unsure how to utilize this feature.

This article provides a clear guide on operating your Kia Seltos remote start function.

Here are some easy steps to remote start your Kia Seltos:

Easy steps to remote start your Kia Seltos


  • First, using the key fob, press the lock button.
  • Immediately after, press and hold the remote start button on the back of the key fob.
  • Finally, hold the remote start button until the vehicle starts.
  • The Kia Seltos will run for 10 minutes before turning itself off.

Owning a remote start proves invaluable, particularly in winter months.

Thus, this article delves into the mechanics of remote start functionality and offers guidance on utilizing it for your Kia Seltos.

Furthermore, common queries regarding remote starters will be addressed.

Keep reading for more insights!

How To Remote Start Kia Seltos

Typically, a remote is a compact device capable of utilizing radio waves to communicate with a vehicle, enabling functions such as starting the car from a shorter range compared to a key-fob starter.

It also facilitates locking and unlocking the car’s doors through controls integrated into the remote.

To initiate the remote start feature on your Kia Seltos, begin by pressing the button on your vehicle’s key fob.

Then, locate and hold down the “Remote Start” button situated on the rear side of the key fob.

Maintain pressure on this button until your Kia Seltos initiates its startup sequence, a process usually completed in under a minute.

Following activation, the vehicle will operate for approximately 10 minutes before automatically shutting off.

The remote start feature of the Kia Seltos boasts an extensive operating range.

Utilizing advanced technology, it can initiate the vehicle from distances of up to 500 feet away.

Operating through a sequence of relays triggered by signals from the remote control, a remote starter energizes various vehicle systems.

Ultimately, the primary relay is engaged, supplying power to the starter for engine ignition.

Once the engine is running, the same relay transmits an electrical signal through a status wire within the vehicle’s ignition harness, informing the powertrain control module (PCM) that the remote starter activated the system.

Benefits Of Remote Start For Your Kia Seltos

There are numerous advantages to having a remote car starter, primarily centered around convenience.

It enables you to initiate your car’s engine from a distance, allowing you to start it even when you’re several meters away.

This feature is particularly useful in cold weather conditions, as it permits you to warm up the vehicle without idling, thereby conserving fuel.

Another notable benefit of remote start systems is the added security they offer.

With the key fob remaining outside the car, the risk of vehicle theft while running is significantly reduced.

Without the key fob present, someone can’t drive off with your car.

Moreover, utilizing a remote start contributes to the overall health and longevity of your Kia Seltos, especially in colder climates.

By allowing the engine to reach optimal operating temperatures and facilitating proper lubrication of internal components with oil circulation, remote start functionality minimizes wear and tear over time.

Starting your Kia Seltos before it’s adequately warmed up can result in engine damage and increased friction on critical parts like the transmission, underscoring the importance of preheating during cold starts.

Finally, remote start systems prove advantageous in hot summer months as well.

You can preconfigure your air conditioning settings to activate upon remote start, ensuring a comfortable interior temperature for passengers, particularly children and pets, before entering the vehicle.

How Much Does Kia Remote Start Cost?

The installation process of Kia remote start differs based on the specific Kia model.

Typically, costs range between $150 and $500 inclusive of both the remote start device and installation services.

Pricing is influenced by the type of remote start system chosen.

Various remote start options come with distinct distance capabilities, ranging from an 80-foot radius to as far as 500 feet.

Additionally, Kia provides a Wi-Fi-enabled remote start feature that syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The price of your Kia Seltos remote starter increases with the inclusion of additional features.

Is A Remote Start Worth It?

A remote starter proves valuable in regions where temperatures frequently plummet below freezing.

This is crucial as your vehicle requires time to warm up before embarking on lengthy journeys, preventing potential damage to specific components.

Conversely, in areas characterized by scorching summers, a remote start holds merit as well.

By pre-setting your air conditioning before leaving home on a sweltering day, you ensure a cool interior upon entering your vehicle.

Furthermore, the decision hinges on your usage patterns during extreme weather conditions.

If, for instance, you primarily operate from home or have minimal driving requirements, investing in a remote start might not justify the associated expenses.

Ultimately, assessing the frequency of usage is imperative in determining the utility of this feature within the context of your lifestyle.

Is Remote Start Standard On Kia Seltos?

Remote start is included as a standard feature in nearly every Kia Seltos trim except the base LX model.

This implies that the remote start functionality is accessible in the S, EX, S Turbo, and SX Turbo variants.

Nevertheless, if desired, you can opt to install a remote start in the LX trim at an additional cost incurred by you.

Is A Keyless Start The Same As A Remote Start?

No, a keyless start and a remote start are distinct functionalities.

They differ significantly from each other.

Keyless start involves using a push-to-start button once you’re in the driver’s seat.

To initiate the keyless start, simply place your foot on the brake and press the push-to-start button.

Remember, though, that the key fob must be inside the vehicle for it to start.

Keyless entry, on the other hand, allows you to lock and unlock the doors without a physical key.

The key fob needs to be near the door for access and locking without the need for the physical key.

A remote starter is a separate system that enables you to start your Kia Seltos while you’re outside of it, typically while it’s parked.

This distinction is often misunderstood.

Having keyless entry doesn’t necessarily mean you have a remote start, and vice versa.

Kia Seltos Remote Start Isn’t Working – What Could Be Wrong?

If your remote start fails to function, the issue might stem from a minor glitch or a more significant concern with your vehicle.

Explore the potential causes outlined below:

Kia Seltos Remote Start Isn't Working - Potential Causes


  • Dead Key Fob Battery

A frequent cause of malfunction in your remote start system is often traced back to a depleted key fob battery.

To resolve this issue, consider replacing the battery either at your local Kia dealership or at automotive retailers such as AutoZone or O’Reilly’s.

  • Dead Car Battery

One more explanation for the malfunctioning remote starter could be a depleted car battery.

If you possess an additional key fob for your vehicle, attempt to start it with that one.

This approach will help ascertain whether the issue lies with the battery or not.

Should your vehicle remain unresponsive, proceed to jumpstart it.

If successful, promptly bring your Kia Seltos to either a Kia dealer or an automotive store for a battery test.

  • Loose Battery Cables

Before initiating your Kia’s engine, ensure that the battery cables are securely fastened and the terminals are free of dirt.

Should you detect any corrosion on either the cables or terminals, utilize baking soda and a wire brush to remove it.

If corrosion persists despite cleaning, replace the affected cable and continue until all traces of corrosion are eliminated.

  • Check Engine Light Is On

If the check engine light is illuminated, it will deactivate the remote start function.

Consequently, it’s advisable to have the diagnostic trouble code examined to identify any issues with your Kia Seltos and proceed with necessary repairs.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the remote start function of your Kia Seltos not only brings convenience but also boosts vehicle security and longevity, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

By following the simple steps provided in this manual, you can effectively activate your Seltos from a distance, ensuring a comfortable interior temperature and minimizing engine wear during cold starts.

Furthermore, familiarizing yourself with common troubleshooting measures for remote start issues enables you to promptly address any potential malfunctions, thus preserving the functionality of this valuable feature.

Whether facing freezing winters or scorching summers, the remote start capability proves to be a worthwhile investment, enhancing the driving experience and safeguarding your Kia Seltos for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you start a Kia Seltos with remote start?

To initiate the vehicle’s engine remotely, utilize button A on the smart key.

Follow these steps: Ensure the doors are locked within 32 feet (10 meters) of the vehicle by pressing the door lock button.

Then, within 4 seconds of locking, press and hold the remote start button for at least 2 seconds.

  • How far can you remote start a Kia Seltos?

500 feet away.

The cutting-edge technology incorporated into the Kia Seltos Remote Start Kit provides the convenience of remotely starting your Kia from distances of up to 500 feet away.

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